California Windshield Technicians Association

The Importance of Customer Experience

The California Windshield Technicians Association (CWTA) is encouraging its members to render service that goes beyond the extra mile. In his key note speech during the CWTA's quarterly get together held in San Diego Luke Davidson says a good customer experience can go a long way in terms of referrals, and customer retention.

"A1 Customer Service is the best marketing tool any service-oriented business can ever have. Imagine having people willing to put out a good word for you without having to compensate them? Imagine the spot that you will have in their mobile phone directory? Those are what you need to stay longer in the business," enthuses Davidson.

For Davidson, excellent customer care can drive up sales, help retain customers, and generate more leads. Besides, according to him, in the age of social media, getting honest reviews and ratings mean a lot to potential customers.

The CWTA says technicians and service companies can render impeccable service that is fast and efficient since most of their customers are in a hurry whenever they drop by or call for mobile service. Davidson also mentioned that technicians should learn to empathize with their customers who may be concerned about the possible expenses that a repair or replacement may entail. Windshield Insurance Claims 

"Being able to help them save a lot through repairs, instead of direct replacement will mean a lot to a customer. It is like allowing them to save even if you have the power to let them spend, to them this is service integrity," explains Davidson.

Offering extra convenience can also go a long way according to the CWTA Head. "Offer a mobile windshield replacement service. Bring yourself to them instead of the other way. Think outside the box," enthuses Davidson.

Other star marks in the service arena described by Davidson includes offering free estimates and no obligation quotations, and providing service warranties. Davidson explains, what may be a small effort for technicians can mean a huge thing to potential clients because it allows them to budget their money, and ensure that they will get their money's worth when they hire you. Safe Windshields 

Of course the best way to provide great customer experience is to do an excellent job. Ensure that your firm, is licensed, fully-bonded and insured.

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